Main Aim

SpecialKidz International aims to promote the education of children and young people with a variety of disabilities and/or difficulties worldwide for the purpose of enabling them to learn, appreciate and enjoy the skill of communication through the use of digital technology.

Aim 1

To promote and advance the education and training of children and young people who are subject to any disability associated with speech, language and different forms of communication through the use of Information and Communications Technology.


  1. To develop physical access via ICT/activities to a variety of situations so that learners with significant physical/sensory impairments are independent and given a lifeline to the world of communication.
  2. To provide cognitive access so that concepts, skills and knowledge can be acquired in an active way to enhance learning and understanding.
  3. To engage individuals and groups in the power of technology and what it can do in offering alternative means of approaching the learning process.

Aim 2

To advance the education of the public by providing inclusive & accessible information, training and research with a view to raising awareness and understanding of persons who are challenged by speech, language and communication difficulties


  1. To establish “SpecialKidz” learning/ICT centres directed primarily towards the development and use of Information & Communications Technology for public use and understanding.
  2. To recruit a President, Vice Presidents, Friends and Associates to fundraise and market for“SpecialKidz”
  3. To hold training workshops, exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and courses within the learning centres and in other private and public locations.
  4. To foster, promote, commission and undertake research and development projects concerned with global communications which involves some people with speech, language and communication disabilities.
  5. To establish partnerships with universities worldwide, LEAs, voluntary sector/charities, government, corporate bodies etc. and to share expertise and achievement with them.

Aim 3

To create and establish a spirit of innovation by incorporating technological developments into various aspects of accessibility and inclusive practice for those whom we want to educate and train.


  1. To design software, interface devices and equipment to suit a variety of educational and training needs
  2. To develop audio, visual, tactile and kinaesthetic resources in an accessibility for all approach
  3. To initiate and develop real and virtual partnerships in global communications for the purposes of distance learning.
  4. To be an organisation which is an effective advocate for “inclusion through innovation” at the highest level.

Technological Innovation

Here are some examples of Technological Innovation in which SpecialKidz plan to engage:

  • Develop and design an “intelligent and child friendly” website which is interactive and multimedia’
  • Undertake R&D with Centres of ICT/Innovation worldwide and influence their thinking on “design technology for all”
  • Add value to video online, voice recognition, touch screen, sign systems, different languages etc