Specialkidz is delighted to be able to support the work that Winchester Go LD undertakes on behalf of people with Learning Disabilities including Autism as they are struggling, like all charities in these strange & challenging times.

We are inspired by ANNA’s “insane bolt” of 400 yards around her village grass triangle for which she has been training despite her mobility problems. She is raising funds for the organisation that provides accommodation for her. It seems that ANNA has been coaxed by her parents – her father is her trainer – to wear her proper running gear instead of “cardie” and dress.

When she is not training, she has very original artistic skills – see the lovely picture of “Daffodils”.

Specialkidz does support the Centre for Autism, University of Reading which is on the same campus with similar type donations for workshops, seminars, lectures and more to parents, carers and teachers concerned with autism & learning disabilities. You can see more on our homepage.

Any readers wanting to support Anna’s “Insane Bolt 2020” should go to Just Giving fundraising by clicking here