The Peter Boos Family Foundation has donated £7K to Specialkidz International of which Peter N. Boos FCA is Honorary President. The donation assists Ken Carter & Decibels in sponsoring and supporting the Calypso Project in collaboration with Ruth Montgomery and Eloise Garland of Audiovisibility.

Ken Carter, who is the Founder & Executive Director of Decibels, & Peter Boos have known each other for 57 years from Oratory School days. Ken is very proud to have been Peter’s cricket & rugby coach and his fitness trainer. Peter went onto become an outstanding Chartered Accountant & Managing Director of Ernst & Young for the West Indies.

They are both delighted that the “CALYPSO” project will take place in Barbados in April/November 2019 and also in the UK in 2019/2020.

Please find a summary of the Decibels & AudioVisability Meetings attached