“Final – IDC Maltreatment Workgroup – Historical & Projected Work” (see attached). This document outlines efforts in the U.S. special education system that Professor Harold Johnson have been involved in to prevent and respond to the maltreatment of children with disabilities.

Parent Safety Tool Kit – written and shared by Hands & Voices, the nation’s largest organization of parents of children who are deaf/hard of hearing. The Tool Kit is part of the O.U.R. Children Project effort that is designed to help parents establish safe and effective learning environments for their children. Note: section 6 of the Tool Kit focuses upon “Internet Safety: Being a Safe Digital Citizen”

Kidpower is a “go to” place for maltreatment prevention strategies and resources. Irene van der Zande/Kidpower Executive Director, shared the following resources:

  • Kidpower Safety Signals for Everyone, Everywhere –https://www.kidpower.org/library/kidpower-safety-signals/.
  • Boundary and Consent Checklist Posters –https://www.kidpower.org/library/consent-posters/.
  • Touch and Consent in Healthy Relationships –https://www.kidpower.org/library/article/consent/.
  • Boundary Skills to Persist Through Five Levels of Intrusion –https://www.kidpower.org/library/article/5-levels-of-intrusion-persist-protect-boundaries/.
  • Teenpower Skills Cards –https://www.kidpower.org/library/teenpower-skill-cards-online/
  • Online workshops –https://www.kidpower.org/learn-online/. Kidpower has a very significant global presence.

In the past year Professor Johnson has provided two Webinars:

  • Parents as Observers, Teachers & Lookouts (birth through to three years focus)
  • O.U.R. (Observe, Understand & Respond ) Children’s Project: Enhancing Safety & Expanding Independence of 6-11 year olds

Both presentations were written for parents of children with disabilities and the professionals who work with them.